NMC organises workshop on behavioural science in communication


Abu Dhabi: The National Media Council invited employees, along with heads of communication departments in several state institutions, to a workshop entitled, “The role of behavioural science in communications”.

The workshop sought to support organisational communication departments, as they seek to design more effective campaigns and programmes that target the public.



The workshop was presented by Matt Battersby, the Head of the Science of Behaviour at Hill and Nolton Strategies in London.

Those at the workshop discussed identifying issues that the science of behaviour can address, ways of identifying messages to develop and deliver, in addition to acquiring the art of interacting with others and its vital role in improving organisational performance.

Moreover, the workshop focused on a communication model based on changing individuals’ behaviours, with the aim of assisting organisational communication departments to design more convincing campaigns. The science of behaviour is very important for employees working in communication departments, due to its vital role in carrying out policies and understanding how to communicate with the public to accomplish the organisation’s goals.