UAE creates first World Happiness Council


UAE has created the world’s first happiness council, which launch a yearly Global Happiness report during the World Government Summit in Dubai.

Sheikh Mohammed, who announced the formation of the 13-member council, said the world today needs to adopt a new approach to achieve human happiness, which should be based on co-operation and the integration of efforts, through identifying commonality and by searching for points of agreement to strengthen positive values.

The announcement came in time for the global celebration of the annual International Happiness Day on March 20, which he said will send a positive message from the UAE to the world.


“The increased challenges, and the acceleration of international transformations and changes, requires decision makers to adopt policies and approaches that open the windows of hope to people, and perhaps the United Nations celebration of International Happiness Day will be transformed into a message to the world to search for new ways to achieve goodness for people,” Sheikh Mohammed said.

“Happiness is a good contagion, and we want the peoples of the world to be affected by it, to enjoy its goodness. This requires a tangible change in the culture of government work. We want an actual translation of the goals of international organisations that all share a general goal, represented in strengthening positivity, and maintaining a more sustainable world, and achieving goodness for the human.”

The World Happiness Council will be headed by Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs, who is joined by 12 other members.

The council, which will convene twice a year, will launch a yearly Global Happiness report during the World Government Summit and will receive an administrative support from the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

The first meeting will be held during the Global Dialogue for Happiness as part of the World Government Summit while the second will be held during the meetings of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Six sub-councils will fall under the umbrella of the council: The Council of Happiness and Health, to be chaired by Professor Lord Richard Layard; The Council of Happiness and Education, to be chaired Professor Dr Martin Seligman; The Council of Personal Happiness, to be chaired by Professor Edward Diener; The Council of Happiness in Work Environment, to be chaired by Professor Jan-Emmanuel De Neve; The Council of Happiness Measurement, to be chaired by Martine Durand; The Council of Happy cities, to be chaired by Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr.